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Audi Allroad & A8  Chauffeur driven Audi Allroad Chauffeur driven Audi A8 Quattro

Assured, poised, exclusive and with exceptional comfort, these features combine to make Audi's vehicles amongst the very best in the world.  If anything, the look is understated, giving you style and quality, combined with safety and comfort, without the vulgar ostentatiousness often associated with vehicles of this calibre  
- and that's why we choose Audi!




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Audi Allroad
The Audi Allroad can carry up to 3 passengers and features many of the luxuries of it’s ‘sister’ vehicle, the A8, but with excellent luggage carrying capability due to its huge rear luggage hold, leather upholstery, air-conditioning, Bose CD stereo system, exceptional space and luxury combine with a ‘go anywhere’ Quattro All wheel drive system and manual / automatic ride height adjustment should the need to go ‘off road’ occur.  This system also gives exceptional peace of mind with the vagaries of the British weather.


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Audi A8
Top of the range with a 4.2ltr 40v V8, Quattro all wheel drive system, Leather upholstery, Polished wood trim, wool carpets, all round double glazing for comfort and security, plenty of rear and front seat leg room for up to 3 passengers, air-conditioning and Bose CD stereo system, these vehicles are the epitome of understated luxury and the personal choice of many CEO’s and Royalty worldwide.


Selected Audi models are available in the Quattro option, the permanent all wheel drive system exclusively from Audi.  It is as unique and exceptional a drive concept as you're likely to find.  The purely mechanical Quattro drive system converts available drive power into just the right amount of traction  - and that keeps the car where we want it, stuck to the road!  

The Audi A8 was awarded the coveted accolade of ‘Chauffeur Car of the Year’ at the recent Limousine and Chauffeur Show. 

Our choice of Audi as suppliers to our Executive vehicle fleet is no coincidence.  Audi combines luxury, understated panache, comfort, reliability, safety and power in one package as, in our opinion, no other vehicle manufacturer can.  All of our Audi's are Quattro models.




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