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Bentley Turbo R 

The Bentley marque enjoys an outstanding reputation for luxury, build quality and reliability making their vehicles some of the most desirable in the world.  Their engines and handling characteristics always being of a higher performance rating than the equivalent Rolls Royce.




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Our Bentley Turbo R fleet are available to transport you and two further passengers in total luxury and comfort anywhere in the UK or Europe, you will be awed by their cream leather interiors, which are as comfortable as the finest armchairs, carpets of the finest wool with genuine sheepskin over rugs, the ride quality is totally unsurpassed and your chauffeur driven arrival in probably the world’s finest automobile will ensure nods of admiration and approval whatever the event or function.


The Bentley Turbo R is noted as Rolls Royce/Bentley’s most successful vehicle due to its combination of sports type handling, incredible luxury, awesome build quality and shattering performance with its 6.75 ltr turbocharged V8 engine.

This model of Bentley offers supercar performance together with such comfort and luxury as befits a vehicle that could arguably be described as the ‘Best in the World’.  It is one of the last models of Bentley built whilst still under Rolls-Bentley ownership.  Only the finest, most exclusive materials are used in its construction, the finest leather hides, hardwoods and wools are molded into a hand built work of art that only the most privileged, wealthy and successful individuals could enjoy as day to day transport.

When you arrive in a chauffeur driven Bentley, you've arrived in style.




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