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Chevrolet Tahoe 

The Chevrolet Tahoe is a style statement in itself, one of the largest 4WD type vehicles in the world it is imposing in its very presence.  Almost 20ft long, over 6ft high and nearly 7 ft wide, huge alloy wheels and tyres, everything about this vehicle proclaims the American manufacturer’s Motto:  ‘Big is Beautiful’




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Ride comfort, safety and luxury are easily the equivalent of any European luxury saloon or 4WD, three independent air conditioning systems allow all three rows of comfortable leather seats and their 6 passengers to adjust the interior ‘climate’ to their liking.  A roof mounted 11” flat screen TV with DVD will ensure the journey passes comfortably whatever your age, and our in-car wireless headphones will ensure that the other passengers are not disturbed while you watch.  A separate CD and radio system with Bose speakers also allows passengers further control of their interior environment. Multiple power points allow Laptop PC’s to be run easily.


Physically huge in size, both inside and out, when you arrive in the Chevrolet Tahoe people really do know that you have arrived.

The Tahoe can comfortably accommodate six adult passengers, with leg room to spare.  

This car is built to carry up to seven passengers (see diagram above 3+3+1&driver) but we prefer to keep the passenger numbers to six for your comfort, unless at least two of the passengers are children (or very small adults!)  Legroom for all passengers is as immense as the vehicle itself, the entire seating area and luggage capacity are unsurpassed in any European 4WD vehicle.  These features, combined with all round privacy glass ensure this vehicle is a firm favourite with a number of our ‘Celebrity’ clients.






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