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What's fashionable and what's fun to wear at your prom? Start the planning early and you will be prepared, relaxed and confident when the big night arrives. Most school proms have a dress code that is quite wide in it’s interpretation. This gives male students the opportunity to arrive dressed smartly but in various derivatives of the formal “Black Tie” suit. A great opportunity for the young ladies to be classy and fashionable, with individuality for their dresses.
Why not? It’s your Prom, you’re young, you’re stylish and there should be some room for your personality in your clothes choice. But stop and think practically before you start making your plans and decisions on what to wear, and understand that the majority of other students attending your prom are going through exactly the same thought process and emotions! 

Dress to Impress - and travel in style!

Formal or Informal - Arrive in style

Tradition Prom or less Conventional Prom - make a style statement


Preparing to Go to the School Prom in Style

Your Prom Night is one of the special events evenings that you will remember for the rest of your life.  There are many things that you can do to make it an especially enjoyable one.  Of course, all of our circumstances are different, so we all have different needs, different ideas of what’s essential, what's fashionable and what’s fun!  Start planning as far ahead as possible, arrange how you will travel there, who you’re travelling with, what you’re going to wear and how you will get home afterwards.  If you have the necessities sorted out ahead of time, you’ll have less to concern yourself with on the big night and more time to relax and enjoy yourself at the School Prom.  



Black Tie Dinner Suit, or Not?   




Most school proms have a dress code that is quite wide in it’s interpretation.  This gives students the opportunity to arrive dressed smartly but in various derivatives of the “Black Tie” suit.  Why not?  It’s your Prom, you’re young, you’re stylish and there should be some room for individuality.  Always check what your own school is recommending before you start to make plans for what to wear to the prom.

The Formal Look
Many guys will choose the formal look, black dinner jacket and trousers, white shirt (full collar or wing collar) and black tie (bow tie).  This is quite right and certainly if you find yourself attending formal dinners later in life, will probably be the standard that becomes ‘expected’.  Formal dinner suits (tuxedo’s), shirts and even the black patent shoes to accompany it can be hired from one of numerous hire companies local to you, and it’s the easiest way to go!  This choice can be accompanied by various accessories according to personal choice; cufflinks, waistcoat (vest), cummerbund, etc.  Often these can be hired also, or maybe borrowed from a friend or relative for the occasion.

Hiring Your Suit
If you’re going to hire a formal dinner suit for your prom night, then start making the arrangements early – remember that there are dozens of other guys who want to hire a suit on the same evening for your school prom, and then consider that there may be several other schools holding their own prom nights on the same date.  You don’t want to find that you’re left with no alternatives should you leave it too late.

Hiring your dinner suit is a very straight-forward process.  Contact your chosen supplier, go along to the outlet, get fitted (if you’re not sure of your measurements they will help you find the right sizes), pay your deposit and it’s booked!  Before your prom night, go along to the store to collect your suit (try to arrange this at least a couple of days ahead of the date to allow for any changes), try on the suit before you leave the store – corrections can be made while you’re there, but may be too late afterwards, pay the balance of your hire fee, take your suit home, wear it to your prom and return it in the time scale that the store has requested.

Alternatives to the Formal Suit
If you already own, or wish to buy, a formal dress suit, then this should fit the bill for your prom night – and you have a suit that you can wear for other occasions in the future.  Simply add the accessories (shirt, your choice of tie, cufflinks, shoes, etc.) and you’re ready to go.

Of course, providing your prom organisers are happy to allow the derivatives, there is always room for variances on the theme.  We have seen guys who look smart but individual in a formal Goth style wear, American cowboy theme with lace tie instead of bow tie, custom made suits, co-ordinating with their prom date’s dress, 60’s style clothes and even 50’s gangster style clothes with pin-striped suits, spats and trilby hats.  Whatever your choice, make sure it’s practical (you will be wearing this for several hours, travelling, sitting down to dinner and dancing in it) and make sure you’re comfortable and confident enough to enjoy yourself at the prom.

Still struggling a little for ideas?  Use the search engines to find pictures on the Internet of other schools proms and then decide what works for you.



What to wear for the Prom?   





Fashion trends, style, comfort, individuality, cost, co-coordinating accessories, peer group and a whole myriad of other thoughts and emotions go into the prom dress!  It’s a tough one – but stop and think practically before you start making your plans and decisions, and understand that the majority of other girls attending your prom are going through exactly the same thought process and emotions!

Current Fashions and Your Prom Dress
The fashion style of evening gowns and dresses varies greatly from year to year.  Some years long and flowing is in, others knee length sets the theme or even short cocktail dresses.  Have a look through the fashion mags, see what the stars are wearing to the premiers and The Oscars, check out a few internet sites and, best of all, chat with your friends who will be attending the same prom – you’ll soon get a feel for what’s going to set the trend for the evening.

When you have an idea of the style you wish to wear, decide on your choice of colour – the whole spectrum is available to you from a formal black dress through pastels and metallic, and any colour to white.  Are you comfortable in a flowing dress, a tight dress, fancy and fussy or plain and simple, high cut or low cut – evolve a picture in your mind before you go our searching for that special dress, you’ll find it makes life a little easier when you’re faced with a huge selection to have to chose from. 

Lots of Choice for Dress Suppliers
If budget is a consideration (and when isn’t it?) know the limits!  Your options are wide for the dress suppliers, from instructing a dressmaker to measure, design and create your very own fashion statement, high street stores, bridal shops (bridesmaid’s dresses are often suitable as evening gowns), catalogues, the internet, hiring a dress from a specialist outlet, second-time-around shops and charity outlets (don’t discount these, often people donate a dress they have worn only once to a special event), to borrowing a dress from a friend or relative.  If you (or a friend or relative) have the skill, you may consider making your own unique creation for the evening or making your own ‘adjustments’ to a dress that you have bought or borrowed.

Try on any dress that you think may be the one for you.  Often, dresses look totally different when you are wearing them than they do when displayed in a shop window or on the hanger.  If you don’t try it on, you may risk discounting a dress that would be perfect for you, also you may buy a dress you think is perfect only to find that it doesn’t fit or do you justice when you get it home.  Take your time deciding and choosing your dress, start as early as you can and be a smart shopper – your dress will influence all of the other accessories you will wear on the evening. Make sure that you feel comfortable, you will be wearing the dress all evening, to travel, to dinner, to dance, to sit and chat and to travel home - your prom is about enjoying yourself so be comfortable!

Plain is Good
If you have any doubts, then go for the simpler style choices.  Monochrome colour choices are slimming and dresses that are all one colour look slenderizing and not too busy, it will compliment your youth and you will look your best.  Black will look great in any fashion year – it’s chic, slenderizing and formal, no matter what the dress design.

Simple choices go for the other accessories as well.  Whether it’s your hair, jewelry, make up, nails, or shoes – go simple.  That way your personality with your overall look will be the centre of the focus and not any single item that overpowers the rest of your outfit.  Keep jewelry to a minimum, better to wear a single knock-out piece (necklace, earrings, ring) with minor accessories than to dress yourself up like a Christmas tree and lose the overall effect.  



.....and after all your careful preparation,
go off to your prom relaxed and have a great night,
one to remember for the rest of your life.





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